Do you have a smartphone? If so, chances are its most unattractive feature is the ability to send and recieve phone calls. Today's smartphones double as portable gaming devices, streaming music players and GPS devices. In this blog entry, we'll explore some of the more creative uses for a smartphone's GPS functionality.

Saving Your Life

The Global Positioning System (or GPS) used to be solely used by government and military organizations for intelligence and operations. Now, most civilians have access to the same technology. One use that is often overlooked is the ability to locate people who are lost or stranded, especially in remote locations such as mountains or during a natural disaster. The police, fire department and other rescue teams can often use triangulation on your cell phone and/or its native GPS tracking utility to find you much earlier than what was possible only 30 years ago.


Geotagging is a feature that adds geographical meta data to an app, photo or other file. Instead of making your friends guess where you vacationed last week, they can immediately see where you’ve been by looking at the photos you've uploaded and reading its embedded information. Be careful and think twice before you take a photo in a private location - it may become very public! Also, apps are now utilizing this feature in unique ways - if you're hungry and want a pizza deal nearby, apps can geotag you in specific metros and offer the most relevant coupons to you.


This is the most convenient feature for everyday use. You can use your GPS’ navigating capabilities to know the fastest way to a destination, get turn by turn directions for it, or explore an area without getting lost. This feature helps you save time, effort, and fuel in your everyday travel or long journeys.


Today’s gaming technology is more advanced, interactive, and 3-dimensional. Can you believe there are games that actually require you to move around and enable the GPS feature? Have you heard of games like RayGun, Tourality, Geodashing, or Waymarking? They are not only fun, but they also help you stay fit and keep you socially active through its integrated social networking features. So if you’re tired of sitting down and playing the same old game that mobilizes your character but not you, GPS just made mobile gaming a lot more, well, geographical.